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You have spent years putting together the best and safest workplace you can; however, your business is probably still at risk.  As an agency providing Risk Management services we can asses your production facility or office and let you know where potential liability or manufacturing risks may occur.  The insurance industry has spent years gathering data on: when, where, and why losses happen.  Let us bring this vast pool of knowledge to you so that you are not on the next list of claims.  If you are not aware Risk Management is process of assessing / identifying specific risks and remedies that a business may incur that would lead to a financial loss.  The process of loss control or risk management used to be handled primary by safety engineers that would monitor plant or office activity by walking around and personally monitoring systems and procedures.  However, that form of monitoring (walking around) is becoming a thing of the past.  Today we advise our clientele on how to centrally monitor their production lines through: internal monitoring (camera), thermal imaging (infrared),  network monitoring.  We can advise you as to the relative costs and results you can expect from properly monitoring your business.  Our agency can even put you in touch with providers that can help you protect your business based on insurance industry standards.  Central monitoring though image monitoring and 24/7 computer sensor monitoring can potentially save your company millions. 

Contact us and we will start the process of getting you protected and if you haven't figured it out yet complying with insurance industry standards keeps you losses down and your insurance cost manageable.

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